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Don't get caught slacking, when you could be snacking!!

If you're reading this blog then you are already Late!

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's 50-dollar Fresh Produce voucher program for older adults started July 17th!!

But don’t worry they are going to continue to give the vouchers away until August 23rd or until they run out.

Please go get your vouchers NOW!… Bring this application plus your photo id with you when you go!

Where do I get these vouchers?

Good news you don’t have to go all the way down to PCA.. You can go to your local Senior Center to pick up these vouchers. You will need an ID and an application.

Call to confirm that they still have vouchers left… they are going fast!!!

I don’t have any transportation to get my vouchers.. What do I do?

Fill out a Proxy form, and have your caregiver, family member, neighbor, or friend pick them up on your behalf.

Your Proxy MUST have ID and can only pick up vouchers for 4 people at a time!!

For more info visit PCA

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